Kundalini spiritual awakening support for Madison, Wisconsin metro area  


Signs of Kundalini awakening and rising. We don't say "symptoms" because it's not a disease! It's a blessing.

Grounding techniques. The most important thing to know and do, IMO.

Kundalini Support Network on Yahoo Groups has been around since 2003. It is a moderated group so that means no spam and no trolls. They have an excellent archive of current and past conversations and articles.

Be careful out there! There is probably more misinformation about Kundalini than there is truth. If you're wondering about any particular web site, feel free to email me to get my opinion.



Listening, encouragement, sharing experiences.
Reassurance that everything is and will be okay.

Been there. I want to be support for you if you need it.

When Kundalini awoke in me in 2008, (and I finally figured out WTH was going on), I did what anyone might do. I looked online to find some local face-to-face or phone support, someone who has been there/done that, who I might connect with. I found no one.

Lucky for me at the time, my awesome integrative medicine doc has interest, knowledge and experience in both energy medicine and spiritual awakening, so I was able to tap him for support for nearly a year. That support was crucial! Still, he is a very busy man and I always felt like I was a pest when I called or emailed with questions and crisis issues about my Kundalini awakening. But I had no place else to turn to get through this.

A couple of other health care providers also looked into it for me, and nada-zip. I did find some guidance in the form of a spiritual counselor referral at Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) so check that one out. I worked with Ted Esser, spiritual counselor and SEN Director in California for nearly four years via Skype and phone calls and perhaps an annual visit, until we parted ways in December 2014.

(As the Kundalini chaos has mostly subsided, I now have a guru who points to the moon, Nandhiji Tapasyogi.)

I thought: I can't believe I'm the only one around here who is going through this! There is much more out there on the Interweb these days than there was when I first looked in 2008. Just, still, not so much locally.

Except, Madison-area psychologist Lynn Catlin, PhD who has a transpersonal psychology practice in which she integrates talk therapy with yoga and meditation. (She was not yet in practice when I was looking.) While not K-awake (at least the last time we spoke), Lynn has an interest in supporting spiritual awakening and emergency, and is a Jungian psychologist.

So, why I'm here, then -- To offer Kundalini awakening support to anyone in our neck of the woods. Because I seem to have been guided to do so.

From what I continue to read, it's happening to more and more people these days -- K awakening, or just "general" spiritual awakening. It can be pretty tough to go through. Or it can be a breeze. Mostly some place in between.

I'm no expert nor guru nor counselor. I'm just a regular Jo(sephine). I am not a therapist, swami, social worker, psychologist, or anyone with professional or spiritual credentials in this. I'm just a middle-aged dame -- wife, mother, grandmama, artist, designer and marketing professional, if there must be labels -- who found herself K awakened through none of her own seeking, desiring or doing. It just happened.

I won't and can't "diagnose" you with K awakening: You have to determine that yourself, although I offer guidelines for your self-assessment. (See "Kundalini signs.") I also can't and won't give any advice on any physical, psychological or emotional issues. That's why there are doctors.

My grand plan was to build a web site that was a big resourse for folks local who need it, but I decided against that because there's finally much out there. There are two links (above) to PDF documents I've put together, and also links above to some solid support sites on the Internet.

I also suggest that you look up El Collie and Bonnie Greenwell, for starters. They were both most helpful for me at the beginning. And a most incredible resource for information is the Biology of Kundalini site.

I am trained in spiritual awakening peer support, although not yet certified. I have no fee structure, as I am not a licensed spiritual counselor, but I am an ordained nondenominational minister. I do, however, accept Dana (offerings from Heart) which can be given via PayPal.

Be careful, and be cautious, and be smart! There's a lot of baloney out there! And a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately there are folks who present themselves as K-awake, and as support and encouragement, but who are really into some nasty power trips. False gurus and such.

If you're experiencing K awakening, you want some support, and you're in my geographic proximity, don't hesitate to e-mail, tell me your story and we'll go from there.

Email me.


I have studied with Emma Bragdon, PhD in her course "How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency," and I intend to be certified in this after attending the practicum workshop when it is offered near me.

When Kundalini awoke, I was (not coincidentally) mega-awash in creative energy! I began making art again after a 20-plus-year hiatus. Here is my art web site.

You are invited to visit the web page for the sage in me.

Also, my art Facebook page (be sure to like it!), and my "sage" Facebook page.